Week in Review Nov 15/2019

The short week threw me for a surprise – for some reason Remembrance Day does this to me every year. On Monday I got out to my local Remembrance Day celebration at the aptly named Memorial Park, surrounded by neighbours and @levalee who was there with her 95 year old dad! She shared this great article about him and his role in a fascinating piece of Canadian Veteran and Chinese Canadian history.

This was followed up by 2 days of planning and strategizing by the BCcampus Teaching and Learning Team, full of liberating structures and buckets. We ecocycled, 1-2-4 all’ed, spiral journaled, and knotworked our way through our current and future work. I personally love strategic planning and introduced an approach I like to use to cluster current and future activities around buckets or themes, and invite cross team collaboration and participation in those buckets. It worked pretty well in conjunction with ecocycle and knotworking and had me thinking about how this planning process could be scaled up to a much larger team or organisation.

This week was also the beginning of the proposal rush – Festival of Learning, OTESSA, and OER20 calls for proposals are all closing soon and since my research work this year is focussed on the impact of open education practices I’m continuing my deep dive into how that is described and measured at an institutional level and at the faculty and student level. You can peek in on some of this work and add to it as well and I hope it can live a life as a useful resource for others.

Things that caught my eye:

Love love love this #femedtech quilt idea for OER20. It appeals so much to my textile arts soul.

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