Week 48 in review

DemoFest_MailOut[1]Classroom of the Future:  Ordered a Belkin Tablet Stage which apparently replaces a document camera, works quite well, and costs less.

Demofest organization:  This year we ordered t-shirts for presenters and have some great prize donations coming in as well. Via @etug, we extended the invite to attend to those in the lower mainland who can get to our New West campus on Dec 3

Budget: our budgets are submitted and now it’s just everything that comes after.

Spent some time researching for a new Instructor Development certificate we are proposing in Experiential and Digital Learning. In a case of fortunate convergence I was pointed to some great resources on transmedia which I really hadn’t been paying close enough attention to.  This lead me to sign up for an account with Conducttr , checked out this great example of linear transmedia , downloaded this Getting Started in Transmedia book, followed transmedia curator , checked out some transmedia and experiential learning links from Instructional Design Fusions , Ryerson,  and Henry Jenkins, and was pointed to a compelling article from Norm Friesen via @IrwinDev. 

Met with our Director of Indigenization to talk about creating an open course for staff on Indigenous Cultural Competency. The challenge, as it is with a lot of workplace training, will be to create something engaging for staff that can be delivered in small bites.

And lastly, attended to about 100 emails that had fallen off my desk in the last 2 weeks. If you are one of them, feel free to prod.

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