Week 46 In Review

Well if things weren’t busy enough, they notched up to a whole new level of crazy this week. When it rains it…

Highlights this week included two days of BCcampus events, with the always excellent ETUG on Thursday and a SOTL event on Friday.  ETUG opted for an unconference style, and I have to say I loved this, especially the pitches, which is a great way to get people engaged and excited right off the mark.  I think all conferences should have pitches.

Of course, I’ll be seeing many of the good folks at the BCcampus events next week at OpenED.   I hoped to  have my presentation ready before I got on the plane this time, that may be wishful thinking.  I’m looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces and spending some time with my daughter exploring some sights.

The rest of the week was spent planning around some really BIG projects about to land on our desks but still can’t be talked about.  It makes for another light weekly report, to say the least.  But it’s exciting times for edtech at JIBC and the next year will continue to push us into new territory.

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