Week 42 In Review

Inspired by @clintlalonde and @dlnorman, I’m attempting to do some working in the open, which will be handy at report time anyways.

This week was filled with reports, research, and faculty development activities.

JIBC Faculty Classroom Use of Technology Survey: managed to get a draft report out from an instructor survey we conducted a few weeks ago. Conducting an instructor survey was no small ordeal – we don’t actually have a centralized way of communicating with our 600+ instructors, since the majority are contract or sessional and we don’t provide them with a JIBC email.  Nonetheless, we had a good response rate of 22% and some interesting data that will help inform our training and support activities.

OpenEd 2014:  booked my flight to DC, and am in the process of looking for a hotel option around Dupont Circle or Georgetown.  Last time I was in DC  a couple of years ago my hotel was a bit underwhelming for the price, and wow, those DC hotels are expensive in November!

ISW proposal:  We have a version of a f2f ISW in our Instructor Development Certificate. This week we met about redesigning it to be a multi-access option with a mentoring and peer evaluation component.  More to come.

JIBC OER study:  Stu and I conducted our last interviews for our OER research project.  We have about 2 weeks of analysis and write up ahead of us, but it’s coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to presenting it at OpenEd.

Activity Report:  Completed our Centre’s 6 month activity report.  It’s interesting to note the growth of WordPress as programs bringing projects to our centre are requesting or requiring WP as a learning environments.

Massive Multiplayer Sim: Was able to sneak out for a bit today to catch one of the largest inter-professional sims that JIBC has ever done, involving students from JIBC and Douglas College.  Dennis from our Centre strapped some go-pros on to some of the players and there’s some un-edited footage that can be watched here. It’s pretty exciting to watch actually, and provides some good teachable moments.  There’s also a great photo set on flickr that gives a good sense of the scale of setup.

And of course I managed to have 3 turkey dinners this weekend and may have bought a few boxes of Girl Guide cookies.

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