Update on the online course showcasing event

We’ve had some enthusiastic responses to this event and are happy that there seems to be some good support out there to make it happen, and enough people interested in actually coming.  We’ve had 10 submissions for the 12 spots, so we’re accepting them all, which made that part easy for us.  We’re thrilled to have a good, balanced representation as well:  JIBC, VCC, UBC, BCIT, SFU, Emily Carr, and Kwantlen.  Interestingly, the submissions seem to heavily concentrated in two categories:  Extended LMS (4) and Instructional Design (6).  The fact that there are so many submissions for extended LMS will be a worthwhile discussion point I think.

Some of the submissions cross over into Design/Look and Feel, but we’ve decided to collapse them into Instructional Design, and instead have an end of the day discussion about what we saw in relation to Design/Look and Feel. As a result, it lets us shorten up the day a bit, which I’m sure will be welcomed by those of you with a commute back home.

In response to some queries on this blog and in the twittersphere, we are still looking into webcasting this or capturing parts of it at least to be accessible to a wider, non lower-mainland audience.  This is our first time throwing together an event like this, so please understand that we can’t always do what we’d like to do, and it’s a work in progress.  We’ll keep you posted on the technical delivery developments.

If you’re local and interested in simply attending, we’ll have the registration form set up probably by tomorrow.

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