the not quite new year

After a 1 year hiatus from blogging (I left my UBC job last February, and with it left Connections and E-learning in the Faculty of Dentistry) it’s time to resume. I imagine it will be more of the same–finding and testing (web 2.0) tools that could be useful for busy instructors and students. This is the fourth higher ed institution that been employed by, and the one thing that never changes is that instructors need educational technologies that:

1. take less than 2 minutes to set up an account and learn

2. require minimal to no support from IT staff

3. are free

4. don’t require a lot of orientation for students to get up and running

I’ve wrapped these principles in a workshop introducing instructors to the wonders of Google docs and Gliffy which I’ll capture and post the next time it’s delivered.

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