some updates

I’ve begun uploading copies of articles and presentations to the Publications and Presentations part of this site.  It’s a great relief to pull them off my collection of drives, discs, etc, and get them into one place, although I still haven’t located a digital copy of my MA.  Almost all of the articles and presentations are co-authored and co-presented (dissertation excepted, obviously) since I generally prefer the collaboration part of the process.  I’ve also posted drafts of stuff published in locked-down journals, which I have unofficially vowed to avoid in the future.  It really makes no sense to publish in a subscription only journal on so many levels, so I’m not sure why anybody bothers to go that route anymore.  My first publication was published in a journal that doesn’t even exist online (obviously very obscure), so I’m not even sure how I would even go about getting a copy at this point.  

Anyhow, comments or questions about any of the stuff on that page are always welcome.

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