Brushing off the tumbleweeds

A few months ago I got a real domain and transferred this blog – which has been sitting on since about 2005 –  to Reclaim Hosting.  This was a fantastically easy and gratifying experience, and I was so pleased that I actually put my very first sticker on my laptop, evidently something I’ve resisted for a very long time.

The second thing I did was set up an RSS reader again, with the intention of going back to some real reading.  Starting fresh, I committed to populating my feed with a diversity of voices and unusual suspects…this was actually not an easy thing to do since a) where have all the blogs gone and b) who’s blogging?.  But you all know this already.  And I’ve since forgotten what reader I was using and now I can’t find it.

The third thing I did was commit to less Twitter and more blogging.  I’m definitely less Twitter, but so far zero blogging.  And there’s this new thing called Mastodon…

And then the US election happened and I committed to spending less time reading Smart Bitches Trashy Books and more time reading smart non-fiction and introducing my kids to important history about dictatorships and authoritarian regimes and teaching them prepper skills.

So I’ve committed to many things and done very little, but fortunately New Years is just around the corner.




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