• Easy multimedia

    A quick trip over at one of my favourite sites, Interactive Narratives, lead me to VuVox, a Web 2.0 multimedia authoring tool that stole my attention for about a half an hour.  There could be lots of useful applications of  tools like this in higher ed, in particular where multimedia development resources might be stretched, or where there is a desire for students to tell a story, explain, show understanding, or even synthesize in a multi-layered, dynamic way.  Robin Good provides a nice overview/how to on the tool

  • interactive narratives

    I came across the interactive narratives site about 3 or 4 years ago and have continued to visit it regularly–it offers compelling multimedia presentations on huge variety of topics, and I can easily lose an hour in it. I’ve always thought that these interactive narratives were the closest thing to how I conceptualized an educational ‘learning object’ (remember those?) since they accomplish many things that educators hoped that multimedia learning objects could provide–interesting, interactive, multimodal presentations of content. The narratives on this site constitute some fantastic uses of Flash coupled with good graphic design, 2 things that tend to be out of reach for most instructors at many institutions. The…