Week in Review Feb 7

screen shot that says UBC Library Digital Colouring Books with a coloured image of a woman in a boat surrounded by an elaborately illustrated border

This week it felt like all my planning pieces came together – thankfully, because I felt like I spend a lot of time overthinking certain things in an effort to be collaborative and cautious, but I’ll be honest that I’m ready to get going on the doing. Fortunately, there are lots of doing things that get me excited.

I’m about 3 months in to these weekly reflections and had to do a check in with myself about them, namely, is this right format? Am I just sharing my laundry list? Does it make me feel bad when I don’t have much to report on? Should I maybe just focus on one or 2 things?

At the end of the day, I find doing whatever I do here to be helpful as an end of week closure of sorts. I’m not sure what it’s like for anybody who reads this, but ultimately this was always intended to be an audience of one. Plus, it can be whatever I want it to be…maybe I do a graphic recording? Maybe I do an audio recording? Maybe I just share a photo of my crossed off to-do list?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that @cogdog’s audio SPLOT got me thinking in all sorts of different ways. The potential for open ed practices that are micro, easily accessible and doable without the overhead of podcasting, while still being podcast-like is really exciting.

I’m also in week 2 of trying time blocking. You have to be really loyal to it (aka not ignore it) to make it work and I’m still working on that part. I’m paying closer attention to the things that make me more productive and one of them is working in coffee shops, which is apparently something I share with half of Vancouver who seem to do this on any day of the week.

This year I’m trying to up my facilitation game and have been gathering resources around facilitating strategic planning. Session Lab made it’s rounds this week and I’ve been diving in there. I especially love the comments that people leave about how a particular technique worked or didn’t work. Also really found this one useful.

I discovered a new podcast called This is Love – it’s uplifting, heartwarming, and so interesting, done in a docu-story style.

And UBC library published some digital colouring books, which seems like a great way to not only relax but to learn something about maps, landscapes, art history, etc.

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