Delving into podcasting

I’ve been exploring podcasting a bit this past little while, and have noticed a few new resources that popped up since I looked last year. Some of these are specific to Dentistry, which was a nice surprise.

For starters, it’s somewhat old news already, but the University of Michigan Faculty of Dentistry reported a student intiative with podcasting dentistry lectures, and have since entered into a partnership with Apple to use itunes to manage the podcasts. The news release provides a bit of info but the Educause Quarterly article provides a lot of useful detail about the pilot projects associated with the implementation at the Faculty level.

Old news again (March 2005) but I recently came across a white paper published by the University of Missouri on podcasting and vodcasting. It is a refreshingly easy to read and helpful document that pointed me to a number of useful resources. It was also reassuring to read in their conclusion that they don’t consider podcasting and vodcasting to be a fad.

In terms of pedagogical applications, I found myself totally intrigued by Jean-Claude Bradley’s approach to teaching with his blog and podcasts, as well as his transformed use of class time into workshops. I found the podcast of the joint presentation he gave really informative.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice of Dentistry related podcasts at the moment, but here’s one that I came across. Dental Blogs has a category that harvests their podcasts and there seems to be some interesting stuff there. has a tag for the dental category and there are a couple of things there.

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