Lunch and Learn #1

This event has already been posted on the intranet, but here it is again. We are quite excited about this event, and look forward to a great turnout (27 registered so far). For those of you who can’t make it, we will be videotaping it and making it available on the intranet and this blog, and I’ll also post a brief summary of the talk here.


Dr. Alan Hannam and Dr. David Tobias invite you to share their experiences with the development and use of two novel WEBCT educational projects.

The first is an open Occlusion and Articulation site shared by undergraduates, graduates and faculty. It is used by students in three separate courses, and is continuously available to them throughout their entire UBC program. Its content ranges from basic to graduate levels, and is organized to allow browsers not only to find the material they need, but to explore allied material if they wish. The site includes Flash movies, animations, interactive 3D manipulations, sound bites, electronic referencing, links, tests etc., and is constantly being updated. It has replaced Powerpoint as a presentation medium during lectures, in addition to its use in the clinic and at home. The resource has proved popular with students, and is a valuable, single repository for managing and upgrading teaching material.

The second demonstration is an on-line PBL case focusing on acute dental pain. Based on a classical format, it is delivered over a shorter time-frame than the typical DENT PBL case, and is specifically designed for remotely-located, part-time faculty tutors. The case includes audio interviews, activated graphics, a tutor guide and tutor-controlled chat rooms.

Both resources have been used for several years, and much has been learned the hard way about optimum design tools, site maintenance and management. Future applications along the same lines could include access by UBC’s Alumni, students in Continuing Dental Education, and other national and international Faculties of Dentistry using WEBCT.

Date: Tuesday, November 8th

Time: 12:00 – 1:30pm

Location: JBM 132 A&B

A delicious lunch will be provided!!

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