Followup Lunch and Learn #1

Thanks to everybody who attended last week’s Lunch and Learn with Alan Hannam and David Tobias–we had a great turnout with approximately 25 people and also had some great questions that followed the presentation. The session was video-recorded, and we’ll be providing a link to the session in case you weren’t able to attend.

Alan and David deserve to be commended on their very innovative use of WebCT, in conjunction with their use of other multimedia tools such as Flash and 3D Studio Max. I love their open approach to what they have created, and having them share their work so enthusiastically is such a benefit to the Faculty community.

Meanwhile, Jessica and I have collected your feedback on future sessions, and we’ll be announcing future sessions in the next couple of weeks. I’ll also post the feedback form here, to give those of you who couldn’t attend and opportunity to tell us your ideas.

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